Abi's House | DEP Ministries
Abi's House | DEP Ministries

There is an urgent crisis in our world right now...

and no one is talking about it.

We hear so many things on the news; war, pandemics, climate change...but do you know what's happening all around our country, near YOUR home, every day?

There are currently 1.4 million teenagers and kids who are homeless.

They're teenagers. They're kids.

They have no where to go. No home. No family.

Can you imagine?

40% of the homeless population in the U.S. are under the age of 18.

Parents...can you imagine your child, out in the cold, with no where to sleep, nothing to eat?

They're not ready for that. No one is ready for that.

Can you imagine being a KID just a few years before, to being on the streets?

What do they do for food?

Where do they sleep?

Who do they have to talk to?

Who can they trust?

No one. They have no one and nothing.

We're changing that. We're going to change that one homeless teen at a time.

Many of these teens come through our American foster care system.

Did you know that at age 18, they "age out"? That means, at age 18, they no longer have funding for foster families to take care of them. And they find themselves out on the streets. It's heartbreaking.

Our Mission: Abi's House

Abi's House | DEP Ministries
Abi's House | DEP Ministries

Our first transitional home will have room for 6 girls. Once we have ironed out the system, we can expand exponentially as long as money and housing allows, and build our first home for boys as our second project.

Eventually, we have hopes to build self-sustaining ranches, first across the country, and then globally.

​​My plan is not JUST to offer housing to these kids. I want them to heal from whatever traumas they have been through.

I will be leading them through workforce training, which will include starting and running their own business. It will include soft skills training, including taking initiative and leadership training.

I want these kids to come out of the program positioned to be the leaders of their generations, with all the skills and support they need.

​And once they leave, they will always have somewhere to go for holidays and special occasions. We will become their new family, and they will be able to count on us for life. Help me make this a reality.